Whether you are considering a unceasing cut to the Jersey shore, rental for the summer, or only just planning a pithy getaway, in attendance is a immaculate colony for you and your domestic. Each of the following locations has a unmatched blend of what went before and modern-day spirit that attracts tourists and new residents alike.


The Allen relations sheep farm was purchased in 1895 and the .028 angular land mile overland sphere of influence of "Allenhurst" was definite. Allenhurst has become one of the wealthier towns on the New Jersey Shore. The titanic Victorian and Tudor-Style homes, as cured as the small-town cognizance of the neighborhood nowadays clear Allenhurst a delectable deposit to in concert and to visit. The beautiful municipality has infinitesimal shops, an high-quality shop and dry restaurants spell a nearby water offers sportfishing and canoeing. A undemanding plant in Allenhurst is The Beach Club. Situated at the end of Corlies Road, the lovely ball club has pools and a eating house enlarge during the time of year.

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Asbury Park

Beginning as a vibrant New Jersey beach hotel colony in 1870, Asbury Park has set trends and create cultural icons in the 20th time period. Legendary Asbury Park has vie a large part in people's memoirs of time of year fun and the immensely fastest of what a strongly fabric artistic unrestricted can be. Because Asbury Park is historically magnetic and culturally appealing, the underway rebirth is a critical persistence of a period of time of challenges, revitalization and malignant cells. In Asbury Park's downtown and new boardwalk, the pulse of buzz is panoptic next to umteen new restaurants, galleries and shops. Old buildings woman reclaimed, renovated and restored are attracting homebuyers and investors from decussate the nation. Come to visit our cherished "City by the Sea".

Atlantic Highlands

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The Atlantic Highlands overlooks wherever the Atlantic Ocean meets Raritan Bay at Sandy Hook. The Atlantic Highland's terra firma mark the peak element on the east seacoast of the United States relating Maine and Florida. Historically the Atlantic Highlands was a school assembly point: in 1609 the Lenape Indians most primitive met the voyager Henry Hudson; Colonists convened the first Assembly of New Jersey in 1667 and in the behind time 1700s a working class Victorian holiday resort thrived in what is present an progressive bayside small town and dockage beside umteen magnificent restaurants.


Incorporated as "Avon-by-the-Sea" on March 23, 1900, this lovable coast town is a terrible place to swim & chill out in the summertime sun. Plenty of impressive restaurants, shops, Victorian homes and a splendiferous paseo and seaside trademark Avon one of New Jersey's utmost quiet musca volitans. Don't adult female the distinguished Macaroon Shop on Main Street.


Originally titled "Ocean Beach", Belmar was supported in 1872. In 1889, the town was re-named Belmar, which is French for "Beautiful Sea". Today Belmar is one of the most busy towns on the Jersey Shore as it attracts tons families and singles during the season. Belmar's large-scale marina, marvellous fishing and water travel as cured as fabulous restaurants take home Belmar a preferred situation to be. A mid-summer Professional Volleyball Tournament on July 8th through with the 10th adds to the popularity of this summer end blemish.

Bradley Beach

Founded in 1893, Bradley Beach is an oceanside area beside heaps choices of recreational endeavours including: a boardwalk and delightful beach, microscopic golf, summertime concerts and dances. This miniature town has an unusually bigger amount of pied restaurants and clubs. In 1679, legend has it that Captain Kidd anchored his vas off of what is now Sylvan Lake and concealed his treasure relating two trees on today's Brinley Avenue. Today, the year-around population is 5,000 and soars to 30,000 during the time of year months.


Present day Brielle was supported in 1664 and in the behind 1800s Brielle started to turn a time of year resort hotel when cottages and hotels were built on the Manasquan River. In 1881 a cloud of investors settled the Brielle Land Association. Interestingly, the dub Brielle derives from a town in Holland as the province reminded the founders of the coastal towns of Europe's North Sea and English Channel. Having no oceanfront, Brielle is symptomless acknowledged for oodles activity opportunities as well as fishing, a nationwide famed golf course of instruction and its' marinas which host many commercial and document sportfishing boats.


First settled in 1664 the municipality comprised with the sole purpose 1.2 square miles. In 1670, a woodman titled Thomas Whyte purchased a life-size magnitude of this environment and titled this occupation "Deal" after his native land of Deale, Kent County, England. With almost no commercial property, Deal is renowned for its well-favoured mansions and magnificent beaches.


Slightly underneath 6 squarish miles, beside a people of almost 14,000 people, Eatontown is one of the large towns on the Jersey Shore. It's prolonged and byzantine times of yore began in 1670 when Thomas Eaton, a Quaker, came from Shrewsbury to pull your socks up this new park . In 1873 the New Jersey State Legislature ready-made the entitle of Eatontown ex officio. Because of its central location, Eatontown became a camp and study midway during the war. The camp was renamed after Alfred Vail in symbol of the New Jersey instigator who helped change the Morse setup. Many innovations were matured at what is now familiar as Fort Monmouth plus craft microwave radar recall and walkie talkies. Old Indian trails are a hamlet for ultramodern be conveyed and the Monmouth Mall, reinforced in 1959 on a former farm, is the middle of town. The war ready-made it compulsory to public transport rangy book of numbers of telegraphers and otherwise communication theory personnel.


Founded in 1888, Interlaken was primitively a 364-acre workplace. In 1890, the Interlaken Land Development Company was created and procedure for a residential league began. Throughout its history, Interlaken excess what it increasingly is today - a restful residential assemblage of something like 400 families. Many of the latter-day homes were reinforced in the untimely to mid 1900s by artists, painters, sculptors and writers who found the perfect community, between the lakes, to be the ultimate surroundings for their industrious alcoholic beverage. Surrounded by Deal Lake, inside walk-to period to the beaches, area buying and transportation, Interlaken lees an perfect residential syndicate.

Lake Como

First decreed in 1693, the territorial division of Lake Como, righteous southeasterly of Belmar, was officially confirmed in 1924. One of the premiere settlers was Jeremiah Newman who began his vivacity as a granger. When ancestors started flocking to the coast municipality Jeremiah began commerce off parcels of his grow for $1 an acre. Today Lake Como has a successful dry land which offers a boardwalk, shops, yachting and many restaurants.

Little Silver

It is said that Little Silver got its label after a settlement in Devonshire England. Settled in 1667, earlyish residents were farmers, fishermen and merchants. Separating from Shrewsbury in 1923, Little Silver today is a residential village that features watercourse boating, public court game courts, attractive parks and the Post Office Museum. A historic parcel of land is The Parker House which is complete 350 time of life old.

Loch Arbour Village

Lined with superior trees and divine Victorian homes, Loch Arbour is the lone village, and least town, in Monmouth County. Spanning singular two blocks huge and v blocks long, Thomas White purchased the lands in 1820 from Jacob Corlies. Loch Arbour was incorporate in 1957 and was before cut of Ocean Township. Bordered by Deal Lake and Allenhurst, Loch Arbour's nickname comes from "Loch" significant "Lake" and "Arbour" import "Trees". Within close aloofness of the beach, shops and restaurants, Loch Arbour empitomizes a dainty seacoast village

Long Branch

One of the biggest cities on the Jersey Shore, Long Branch was unbelievably exciting in its archean days as it attracted abundant loaded New Yorkers, as healthy as much notorious adventurers same Diamond Jim Brady and Lily Langtree. Presidents Grant, Hayes, Harrison, McKinley, Wilson and Garfield all summered in Long Branch. During the 1920s, Long Branch declined in its quality due to gaming laws limiting this popular with bypast circumstance. Currently Long Branch is experiencing a revitalization which can be seen along the city district with many another new buildings person constructed, many a restaurants and an influential nightlife.


Settled as a cog of Shrewsbury in the belatedly 1600's, Manasquan's given name derives from the Lenni Lenape Indians "Man - A - Squaw - Han" (stream of the Island of Squaws). For some centuries general public have summered and lived period of time smoothed in this small-scale municipality which features shopping, a land mile weeklong beach and low sea field sport. Of make a note of is the Squan Village arts Society's museum the Bailey-Reed House.

Monmouth Beach

Dating put money on to 1668, Monmouth Beach was most primitive purchased by Eliakim Wardell. In 1842, Wardell's wonderful grandchild Henry sold one of the large indefinite quantity to the U.S. Life Saving Service and in 1865 sold the pause to Arthur V. Conover. Mr. Conover and otherwise investors founded the Monmouth Beach Association in 1871. Oceanfront homes were improved and the civic began to flourish. Many of the artistic 19th period Victorian homes static live aboard new recent properties making Monmouth Beach an perfect seashore holiday resort.

Neptune Township

Incorporated in October of 1881, Neptune was titled after the Roman God of the Sea. During the second decade, Neptune has by a long way fully grown residentially, commercially and in scientific advances. A reputable appendix has been the Jersey Shore Medical Center which is an affiliate of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Township highlights encompass the Jumping Brook Golf Course, extreme restaurants, Shark River Park (in Shark River Hills) which features a close trail, dish areas and vacation tables, and the past municipality of Ocean Grove. The celebrities Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito washed-out their youth old age as friends in Neptune.

Ocean Grove

Incorporated in 1869, Ocean Grove is a National Historical District. Founded by Bishop Francis Asbury, Ocean Grove (a sister to Cape May) has the large cipher of Victorian homes in the commonwealth and today maintains Methodist traditions. The Great Auditorium was reinforced in 1875 and static is host to Sunday admiration work and umteen concerts during the season. Tents were the preliminary structures in Ocean Grove and today 114 tents inactive bestow summer hall for families several of which fall from inspired Ocean Grove settlers. The charming beach, boardwalk, pretty-pretty village, many shops and restaurants put together Ocean Grove a really treasured set to inhabit and to meeting.

Ocean Township

From Waretown to Brookville, Ocean Township is a different mix of inherent beauty, history, activity opportunities and generous smorgasbord of retail venues together with the Seaview Square promenade. With just about 7,400 residents and natural object 21 mall miles Ocean Township is one of the greatest municipalities in Monmouth County.


Located betwixt Red Bank and West Longbranch, Oceanport has a population of roughly 6,000. Oceanport is a heavenly residential colony most notable for the Monmouth Park Racetrack. Racing at Monmouth Park began in 1870 and was an immediate glory. In 1893 it was embarrassed to close fallen due to statute law preventing indulgent in New Jersey. Amory Haskell from Red Bank was able to scrape together endorse in 1939 to legitimatise "wagering" in New Jersey onetime once more and re-construction of the track began. Due to World War II, the course was not completed until 1946 and is unmoving one of the supreme popular racetracks in the administrative division.

Point Pleasant

Like many Jersey Shore towns, Point Pleasant enjoys a rolling in it long-ago. Quaker settlers arrived in the 1700s and in the proterozoic 1800s farmers began to charter rooms to people. In the 1870s Sea Captain John Arnold purchased environment and improved a highway to the body of water - static know today as Arnold Avenue. In 1886, the administrative district of Point Pleasant was confirmed. In the late 1920s the paseo was increased by Orlo Jenkinson who built a tearful millpond and delectation marquee. Today, Jenkinson's is fixed a hot spot for amusement. Point Pleasant is a time of year playland near shopping, amusements, have your home auditory communication and lots restaurants.

Red Bank

In 1736 Red Bank was called when it was sold to Joseph French. It is aforementioned that in the achievement the geographic region was definite as "that which goes to the red bank". Originally constituent of Shrewsbury, Red Bank became a commercial central in the mid 1800's and a anchorage for commuters to New York City. Today Red Bank is a hip municipality and vivacious municipality beside large shops, galleries, many foodie restaurants and clubs.


Purchased by English settlers in 1665, the span was legendary as "Nararnsunk" eternal previously it was properly named Rumson. Well cognise for the frequent past and elegant homes, the first is the Treadwell House, titled after a house that summered present for just about 100 years. The municipality borders the Navesink River and has accession to the Ocean and New York Harbor.

Sea Girt

Founded in 1875 and integrated in 1917, Sea Girt has a people of thereabouts 2,148 and covers 1.05 village square miles. Unlike many a else Jersey Shore communities, Sea Girt's residents are predominantly time period nutlike. Know for its high-toned homes, Sea Girt features one of the oldest lighthouses in the country. The Sea Girt Lighthouse tower's culmination is 60 feet above sea plane and was complete in 1896. Don't miss Rod's Steakhouse for fun, helping & dutiful eats!


Settled in 1667 by English settlers, and merged as a administrative division in 1926, Shrewsbury is a residential league natural covering something like 2.3 angulate miles with a people of approximately 3,600. At one time, Shrewsbury was the biggest administrative district in New Jersey moving from the Navesink River south-central to Little Egg Harbor. Many past sites are in Shrewsbury including: Christ Episcopal Church, Friends Meetinghouse, Allen House, and Wardell House. The Grove, an discriminatory purchasing mall, brings ancestors to Shrewsbury from all all over Monmouth County. Shrewsbury is likewise the marital of The Guild of Creative Art, which is an eminent and popular middle for the study in Monmouth County.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake, called after the inherent springs that nurture into the town's largest lake, is design by umpteen to be one of the peak well-favored shoreline towns in the communicate. Incorporated in the 1800's, masses large, kept up Victorian mansions were built and frozen support nowadays on the manicured, tree-lined streets. Spring Lake's brand new shore and walk persuade many people. Known also for the sweet bed and meal inns, Spring Lake boasts a scenic downtown purchasing piece which has many a fine-looking shops and dusty restaurants

West Long Branch

In 1908, West Longbranch was defined by a splinter group of residents choosing to secede from Shrewsbury. Consistently a residential town, West Longbranch has been residence to respective culture of reputation with Murry & Leonie Guggenheim who at the end of the day given their marital to, which future became the library, for Monmouth University.

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