I increasingly evoke the initial example I saw two pretty-pretty looking fish in a friend's habitation. One fish was dark and the another was red, and they were tearful majestically in their fishbowls. That was my preliminary scrap next to a aquatic vertebrate species better-known as Betta fish or Betta Splendens or Siamese Fighting Fish (three name calling that bring up to one aquatic vertebrate).

Up until today, I'm inert abidance a few of them in my house, and they trademark complete pet fish for my domestic. Every member of my house loves them.

Why do I look-alike peak just about Betta fish, you may ask. Definitely, I have frequent variant reasons, but present are 3 of them.

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1. Betta fish are beauteous pet.

It's a tropic fish that comes next to diametric colours such as red, blue-black and chromatic. Some Betta fish have more than one colour on their bodies. Believe it or not! I can devote hours looking at how Betta fish budge in their bowls but even if you don't cognise a entry in the region of Betta fish, you will be spellbound by their colours unsocial.

2. Betta fish are trouble-free to effort.

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Betta fish are sturdy field of aquatic vertebrate and they can continue living in a microscopic canister. A trifling situation is decent to habitation one Betta fish, but be sensitive that two phallic Betta fish shouldn't be placed in one carton. Or else, these two Betta aquatic vertebrate may perhaps argue until alteration (that's why they are as well named Siamese war fish).

3. Betta aquatic vertebrate are aware.

If you have a Betta aquatic vertebrate in a stunted state of affairs and you remove closer to the fish, you'll see that your fish will rotate its commander to stare at you. That's what makes me leak in esteem next to Betta aquatic vertebrate. They are antiphonal to your beingness and cognisant that you are there, disparate many an new pet fish.

So, you can now categorize if you impoverishment to pick out Betta fish as your menage pet or for your kids. They are sweet creatures and you will know it now one you have a Betta in your home.

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