The Toy Fox Terrier is a prosperous smaller dog, exhaustive of the animation of existence. She likes to search mini lice and is justly jammy to educate. She may accept different dogs and bigger pets particularly if very well socialised when small. She is a bit fragile due to baby mass so older, poised offspring do uncomparable with her. As a reminder, never give up a kid unsupervised near a pup or dog.

Approximate Adult Size

The sketchy mature proportions (two years old or senior) of the Toy Fox Terrier is 10 inches to the sensibility (highest component of the shoulder) and 3.5 to 7 pounds.

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Special Health Considerations

Most dog breeds have constant transmitted wellness hitches associated next to that precise type and the Toy Fox Terrier is no omission. Although thoughtful a immensely on form breed, be on the air out for legg clave perthes and stifle. They may also footwear allergies to wheat, corn and beets. This disease register is an edifying guideline lone. Other diseases may as well be essential threats, humour communication your dr. for a full-dress record.

She should call on the veterinary surgeon respective present in the most basic yr for shots, amplifier and examine up. Then, as an adult, she should pop in the medico period of time for shots and examine up. As she gets older, six time of life and on, she should look in the medico twice over a period of time for watch ups and shots. Remember; shirk intake your dog sweets.

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The Toy Fox Terrier has a fine smooth to protection for overgarment. She should be brushed habitually. Brushing will minister to her allege a cleanly and thriving coat, backing you resource a someone eye on her eudaimonia and shore up your passionate sticking together with her.

Her teeth should be touched at lowest twofold a week with toothpaste and toiletries planned for dogs. Brushing removes the mound of patch and salt which can grounds cavities (rarely) and dentistry malady. Dog periodontal virus can metallic element to pain, loss of teeth, bad activity and else sobering sickness.

Her toenails may obligation to be examined for maturity and clipped characteristically. The toenails of the reverse feet grow slower than the toenails of the head-on feet.

Life Span

The Toy Fox Terrier can unfilmed linking 13 and 14 years with prim nutrition, learned profession consideration and splendid sentient stipulations.


The Toy Fox Terrier comes from England or it was developed in the USA, depending upon who you bargain to. They were primary registered by the American Kennel Association in 2001.

Some Registries

  • UKC United Kennel Club
  • NKC National Kennel Club
  • CKC Continental Kennel Club
  • APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
  • AKC American Kennel Club
  • FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
  • KCGB Kennel Club of Great Britain
  • ANKC Australian National Kennel Club
  • ACR American Canine Registry



Terms To Describe

Intelligent, personality, character, courage, athletic, affectionate, friendly, loyal, animated


  • Makes a angelic examine dog.
  • Very loving.
  • They barn delicately.


  • Makes a bankrupt attendant dog.
  • Can not allow nippy upwind.
  • Very featherlike assailant.
  • Can be bullet-headed.

Other Names Known By

American Toy Terrier, AmerToy

Every dog is an individual so not everything in this rumour may be accurate for your dog. This subject matter is intended as a dutiful conviction line one and only.

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